AHT Maragheh Factory

Glad to inform you that AHT as BRC GRADE AA supplier by having 12 factories in Iran is the main, oldest and the LARGEST manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Sultanas, Raisins, Pistachios, Figs, Dried Apple, Dates and Dates' products in the world.

Our wide range of Laser Sorted, X-Ray Scanned and Hand Picked products meet the highest quality standards which helps us to offer excellent services to our international clients who mostly are multinational companies in the food industry.

Important investments in manpower, training, plant and equipment over the last 50 years has already resulted in a substantial increase in sales and the elimination of quality issues and now AHT is the leader in supplying the FIRST CLASS quality of dried fruits & nuts to the globe.

Join us and enjoy, AHT professional services